The Egg and I

You can add this to the many statements that I never imagined I would make. I am a chicken person. What I mean, of course, is that I am a big fan of chickens. The animal, more than the meat they provide, although I appreciate that, too. I enjoy chickens. I love watching them peck … Continue reading The Egg and I

From Rags to Breeches

Just over eight years ago, I was twenty-seven years old and pregnant with my first child. My due date had come and gone and I was driven entirely by hormones and a strong desire to jumpstart labor.  I was sitting in a pew at Mass, between my husband and my sisters.  I should have been … Continue reading From Rags to Breeches

The O.G. (Original Giver)

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Father John McShane early in my blog.  He is the Original Giver of G Street and an  inspiration to everyone there. Father McShane is seventy-five years old and never wears a coat. He must be heated by the light of Christ because no matter how cold, windy … Continue reading The O.G. (Original Giver)