My Brother’s Keeper

I am at war with the Las Vegas City Council.  I am so upset with the passage of the second recent law designed to fine and incarcerate the homeless that I find myself unable to write about it right now. I need to calm down to prevent my blog from turning into a manifesto.  In … Continue reading My Brother’s Keeper

Easy Peasy Lemonade Squeezy

  We are in the middle of what I hope is the last heat wave of 2019.  As I write this it is 109 degrees out. We have had yet another record-breaking summer.  In August, we had twenty-four days with temperatures exceeding 105 degrees, that's more than in any previously recorded year. We are several days … Continue reading Easy Peasy Lemonade Squeezy

The Egg and I

You can add this to the many statements that I never imagined I would make. I am a chicken person. What I mean, of course, is that I am a big fan of chickens. The animal, more than the meat they provide, although I appreciate that, too. I enjoy chickens. I love watching them peck … Continue reading The Egg and I

A Family Affair

It's been a long winter, here in Vegas.  It's been snowing, which is very unusual. We had a snow day, which never happens. Temperatures have been low and the wind has been near constant.  No one here knows what to do with the snow and that goes for our homeless community as well.  We've been … Continue reading A Family Affair

From Rags to Breeches

Just over eight years ago, I was twenty-seven years old and pregnant with my first child. My due date had come and gone and I was driven entirely by hormones and a strong desire to jumpstart labor.  I was sitting in a pew at Mass, between my husband and my sisters.  I should have been … Continue reading From Rags to Breeches

In Defense of Street Feeding

In a blighted part of the city, that most people avoid, is the Corridor of Hope. Although the name wasn't meant to be satirical, when you see the worn tents and cardboard lean-tos littering the sidewalks and empty lots, it is impossible not to see irony in the name. There, in the Corridor of Hope, … Continue reading In Defense of Street Feeding

It’s A Dry Heat.

If you ever want to test the patience of someone from the southwest United States, there is an easy, universally despised way. Just slip the phrase, “it’s a dry heat,” into conversation. Ovens are a dry heat and saunas are a humid heat. Which would you prefer to spend time in? According to the 2017 … Continue reading It’s A Dry Heat.

A Child Just Like Mine

While I was setting up my table Monday night, a boy, smiling so hard that I could count how many baby teeth he was missing, approached me.  He could hardly contain himself.  "Are you Corey's Mom?" "I am," I told him.  "Do you go to his school?" He nodded gleefully.  "I'm in his class!"  He … Continue reading A Child Just Like Mine

The O.G. (Original Giver)

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Father John McShane early in my blog.  He is the Original Giver of G Street and an  inspiration to everyone there. Father McShane is seventy-five years old and never wears a coat. He must be heated by the light of Christ because no matter how cold, windy … Continue reading The O.G. (Original Giver)

When Life Gives You Crackers…

Many people and a handful of organizations have provided me with food to serve to the hungry on G Street, over the years.  Most recently, the Las Vegas chapter of Food Not Bombs gave me a car load of crackers, cereal and cookies to hand out. Most of these foods were a few days past … Continue reading When Life Gives You Crackers…