Just blocks away from the iconic Strip, hidden by the city and chased off by the cops, people go hungry.  Systematic racism and bureaucracy have kept the Westside poor and hungry.  Running out of places to hide from the gentrification of the inner-city, the homeless find refuge under the Historic Westside bridge, when they aren’t being murdered for sport, that is.  While the shelters are filled beyond capacity and thousands are still on the street, the city raids encampments and attempts to force the desperate transients into the ironically named “Corridor of Hope.”

So-called “street feeders” attempt to feed, cloth and care for the homeless and food insecure while the government puts up fences and makes threats.  One hot meal, cold water or warm jacket at a time, hundreds of Las Vegans spend their nights trying to ease the suffering of the marginalized.

I’ll share stories from the street, recipes to feed the masses, the scandalous history of the city of sin and tips for those looking to save the world, or at least their hometown.  Baking It to the Streets is just this millennial’s journey from my house in suburban Las Vegas to the parts of the valley that the tourism board never wants you to see, making friends with criminals, cheerleaders, bikers, anarchists, politicians and scouts along the way. Can I end world hunger with the perfect recipe for ziti? Well, I will certainly try.

Where To Find Us-

You can join us any Monday night at 701 W. McWilliams Ave.  That is the corner of G Street and McWilliams Avenue.  Serving starts at 7:30PM but you should arrive a little early to set up.  You do not have to bring anything and are welcome to get a feel for the place first.  If you want to bring something, you are absolutely welcome to.  If you need a spot at my table, let me know ahead of time and I will happily make room.  If you have questions about what to bring, contact me here and I will let you know what the greatest need is.

There are no bathroom facilities or seating where we serve.  You can bring your own folding chair, if you need to. If you aren’t sure where to go or what to do, ask for Katie and most likely someone will point you in my direction.

God Bless!